The front desk at The Hair Standard salon in Las Vegas. Heather McBride putting in extensions at The Hair Standard salon in Las Vegas. Elena Hansen finishing a balayage at The Hair Standard salon in Las Vegas. Heather McBride Tightening Extensions at The Hair Standard salon in Las Vegas.

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An exterior shot of The Hair Standard in Las Vegas.

The Hair Standarda hair salon in Las Vegas Summerlin

We know there are a lot of hair salons in Las Vegas. Especially in Summerlin where a new one pops up on every corner. The Hair Standard is a small salon right in the heart of it all, and boy do we have a ton of heart. A collective of over thirty passionate hair stylists, one magical esthetician, and an eyelash extension pro. We are a family with each member brought into the fold for their unique talents and specialties. There are specialists in hair color, hair cuts, hair painting, balayage, ombre, vivids, men’s grooming, waxing, peels, extensions, and everything else dedicated to the beautiful craft of, well, beauty.

The Most Important

The most important member of our family is you, our client. Everything is for you. You have given us the reputation of the Summerlin salon you can keep coming back to, and for that, we love you.

Smiling hair stylist blow drys her clients hair at The Hair Standard

Hair Servicesfrom balayage to fresh fades

If you've seen it on Pinterest and you want it, we can give it to you. We are small, experienced, hyper-focused and always on trend. Bring in that pic, let's make some magic together.

Hair Stylistsan educated family

We work to be the best Las Vegas hairdressers we can be. Each hair stylist is part of our family and carefully selected based on their strengths to better the family's skills as a whole.

Bumble and Bumble hair products at The Hair Standard in Las Vegas.

Hair Productsbumble dedicated salon

We used to be like other salons and carry four different product lines with a ton of stuff nobody likes. Not anymore! We are Bumble and bumble dedicated. Only the best for the best.

Blonde, pink, and brown, hair collage showing different uses of Laced Hair Extensions.

Laced Hair Extensionsyou have to try this hair

Lacy from Laced Hair is a Vegas girl who has created what is surely the best hair money can buy. Wefts, tape-ins, and clip-ins in a bunch of custom crafted colors by Lacy herself. The Hair Standard is the only salon in Las Vegas that has hair in stock for your stylist to demo. You just have to try this hair.

A custom mixture of Fabuloso Pro at The Hair Standard in Las Vegas

Fabuloso Pronot so serious

We are the only hair salon in Summerlin with Evo. Evo is an innovative and fun company responsible for the Fabuloso Pro pigment conditioners. With a Fab pro treatment, you can try vivid colors that come out after a few washes. Or, take home a custom conditioner and keep the fun going.

Smith and Cult register display at The Hair Standard in Las Vegas

Smith & Cultexpression is everything

We carry Smith & Cult lip glosses and nail lacquer. Smith & Cult is the creation of beauty master Dineh Mohajer of Hard Candy Fame. Smith & Cult is an 8-Free formula with the absolute best colors and highest quality lip and nails around. We love the quality and the packaging, and we know you will too.

From Our Instagram Happy clients everyday

We post on Instagram every day. Here on some recent hair pics!

Have you heard of balayage?

Balayage has taken over the hair industry in the last five years. If you’ve seen a movie or TV show lately, you have seen a balayage or two. Balayage or hair painting differs from traditional foil highlights in the application method. Your hair stylist paints in highlights while varying the saturation of lightener as they move from root to end. Whereas foils are very exacting and precise in placement, hair painting is freeform, much like painting.

So what is balayage and hair painting?

Balayage and hair painting are interchangeable terms. This technique gives your stylist complete control over lightness and placement. This isn’t to say foil highlights are bad, in fact, they are often used in conjunction with balayage. Hair painting, however, is very much like painting. It requires an experienced hair stylist with a trained eye. To see examples of balayage you can look at our Instagram above where pretty much every color was done using this technique.